Reducing Fear

The office environment a child enters into plays a big part in either contributing to or reducing anxiety. When children are at ease with their surroundings they tend to adopt a more relaxed attitude.  Our offices have been designed especially for children. They will feel right at home with the open atmosphere and cheerful colors.

Communicating with children on their level is one of the most important ways to reduce their fears.  We are excellent communicators with children. They have a great deal of experience at it because it’s what they do all day long. They constantly apply a technique known as “Tell – Show – Do”. They tell the child what they are going to do in terms they can easily understand. Then they demonstrate it to them. Then they do it. The technique is as effective as it is simple but it is frequently ignored because it takes a little extra time. Children can’t be rushed and should be given the time they deserve.

If cavities develop and we have to provide dental treatment, nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, can be used to relax the child. This mild, odorless gas is breathed through a small nosepiece while the child remains awake and able to communicate throughout the dental treatment. It is a very safe and effective technique.

While all of these methods usually reduce fear and anxiety, some children may still exhibit apprehension regardless of the efforts made to put them at ease. When that is the case there is no substitute for the patience you constantly see exhibited by our practice. When other options are ineffective, demonstrating patience to a child eventually wins out. Nothing brings more joy to us than seeing frightened children replace their fears with confidence and their frowns with smiles.


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