The Importance of Dental Cleanings For Children

Dental care for children is an important effort parents must focus on right from the beginning. The work they put in now can help the child have a healthy and happy smile even when they are adults.

But apart from brushing their teeth at least twice a day and flossing, many pediatric dentists will also recommend bridging the child to professional dental cleanings. But why is this so important?

How Dental Cleanings Benefit Your Child

Children are usually at very high risk for cavities, especially in the first decade of their life. Even with good dental hygiene at home, it is still possible for some food particles and bacteria to remain in their mouth, which, over time, can cause cavities. Not only that, but the child can also experience plaque build-up on the teeth, which can have an unwanted effect on the health of their gums, even leading to periodontitis.

However, with dental cleanings done around once every six months, a lot of unwanted dental problems can be avoided. Let’s look at some of the biggest benefits of taking your child to routine dental cleanings:

  • Reduces the Risk of Cavities and Plaque

A professional dental cleaning is one of the only ways to thoroughly clean the entire mouth. The dentist can remove plaque from the teeth and even get to areas of the mouth that are almost impossible to do at home, ensuring your child has a much lower risk of cavities and plaque formation.

  • Allows the Dentist to Monitor Their Dental Health

During the dental cleanings, the dentist can take a look at your child’s oral health and monitor it throughout their development. This gives both you and the child the peace of mind that their dental health is on the right track.

  • Gives You Time to Address Dental Issues When They First Appear

If there are any issues to be concerned about, the dentist can spot them in due time before they end up causing major trouble or discomfort to the child. For instance, the dentist may notice cavities beginning to form during one of the dental cleaning appointments and quickly clean the teeth and treat the cavities with less invasive treatments before they grow and cause pain.

The same can be said about any issues with the child’s bite, or misalignments when their adult teeth start growing. Dental cleanings provide a great opportunity to stay on top of your child’s dental health and take swift action if necessary.

Looking for a New Pediatric Dentist? Dentistry For Children Can Help!

At Dentistry For Children, we are happy to help parents address their children’s oral health needs, with professional dental services always delivered with a smile on our faces!

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